Abs Fitness & Wellness Club

Reasons to join Abs

  • Complete fitness assessment

    The first step in designing exercise program. This assessment is useful to establish a baseline of current fitness and help determine what sort of exercise can be safely performed.

  • Great Facilities

    We made it easy for you to achieve your fitness goals with cardio theaters, swimming pools, indoor & outdoor courts help you burn calories and keep you entertained with televisions & live DJ music.

  • MLM & RLM

    A globally applauded member launch management & relaunch management programs for a sound foundation towards your journey of wellness.

  • Certified Fitness Trainers

    Our certified fitness trainers are professionals qualified to assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for apparently healthy individuals & special populations.

  • Group X

    Experience the fun with exercises over 100 group classes in a week; pilates, kick boxing, yoga, aerobics, body wave, abs, hips, glutes, circuit training, plyometrics, Fusion, Salsa & Bollywood dancing.

  • Events & Activities

    Show your talent & get famous in our events, parties, outdoor sports & competitions. We organize talent shows, fashion shows, give lifestyle awards, healthy recipe awards. Abs is Fun with exercise.

  • Nutrition Assistance

    We will help you navigate what to eat and drink from our certified nutritionists, and healthy recipes to choose from.

  • Bio-Mechnical Sound Machines

    We have high-quality fitness equipments designed to be biomechanically sound for your body. This guarantees faster & official work out with great results.

  • Body composition

    Our signature fitness testing & body composition analysis helps one to determine the exact fitness goal & is an excellent motivation.

Fun @ Abs Fitness